January Whole 30

Every year I do one or two Whole 30's. If you don't know what it is, a quick google search will reveal that it is 30 days of what many would consider very strict eating. When you start (depending on your relationship with food) it can be challenging. What most people discover it seems, is that you can learn to cook with whole healthy ingredients, make them delicious and feel amazing while doing it. 

Im just about to finish my January whole 30 and I am very excited about how well it went. I traveled more during this whole 30 then years previous, which offered some unique challenges, but in doing so I learned a lot. I learned that preparation becomes even more vital while on the road. For example getting a hotel with a fridge and having access to a BBQ helps immensely. Getting foods and prepping them ahead of time, staves off the temptation to grab a "quick" snack somewhere or abandon your month due to a hunger induced lack of discipline. 

If you're considering trying a whole 30 for the first time, I highly recommend it. I always feel so good about completing it, and excited to keep the momentum going after its over. There are some really good books written by the creator of whole 30 and I'd definitely recommend reading them as you go through implementing this into your life. Of course if you have any questions about my specific journey through the numerous whole 30's I've done, I would love to hear them. 

Happy Goal Crushin